Other Features

  • School is managed by efficient management.
  • Limited number of children in each class.
  • Teaching as per ICSE Syllabus.
  • Trained and experienced teachers.
  • Well stocked library.
  • Special coaching for slow learners.
  • Facility for learning Yoga, Karate, Kung-Fu, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Music and Dance provided.
  • The school regularly conducts posters and model exhibitions.
  • The children are given project work to give practical insight into the education.
  • Transportation is provided to children to all places within a radius of 15 km from school.

Each month of the year is dedicated to the activities of a particular subject

MonthName of the ClubCompetitions
JuneMonth of Social Science Skit on social awareness / Charity work
JulyMonth of Kannada Padabanda Competition
AugustMonth of EnglishPick and Speak
SeptemberMonth of ScienceCollage, Poster making on environmental issues
OctoberMonth of Computer SciencePowerPoint presentation
NovemberMonth of MathematicsMaths Olympiad
DecemberMonth of Hindi

KG Section Activities for the year 2016 - 2017

JUNEAction Song (Rhymes)Action Song (Rhymes)Action Song (Any other song)
JULY1. Table Manners Week
2. Mobile activity, Fruits
1. Table Manners Week
2. Mobile activity (Vegetables)
1. Table Manners Week
2. Mobile activity (Birds)
AUG1. World of Shapes
2. Radha Krishna Competition
1. World of Shapes (Include national flag).
2. My family chart.
3. Story telling competition
1. World of shapes (Include national flag).
2. Story telling competition.
3. My family chart.
SEPT1. Rhymes Competition.
2. Mobile Activity (Flowers).
1. Rainbow making drawing/Ganesha drawing competition.
2. Mobile Activity (Animals).
1. Speech competition.
2. Mobile Activity (Season).
OCTDeepavali Celebrations1. Chef activity-Juice
2. Deepavali Celebrations
1. Chef activity-Salad.
2. Deepavali Celebrations.
NOV Fancy Dress Competitions.1. Our helpers.
2. Fancy dress competition.
1. Good habits.
2. Fancy dress Competition.
DECSports1. Growing plants.
2. Making christmas tree.
3. Sports
1. Growing plants.
2. Making christmas tree.
3. Sports.
JANColouring (World of colors).1. Patriotic songs (Group).
2. Mock market.
1. Patriotic songs (Group).
2. Mock market.
FEBFlash cards making Numbers and alphabets1. Clay models (pot flower snake etc.,).
2. Origamy
1. Clay models.
2. Origamy.

Class Activities

I to IV VI to X
04-06-2016House Inauguration & club Inauguration
06-06-2016Save trees save earth Drawing CompetitionSave Mother earth (Environment day rally)
18-06-2016My family (poster making)Quilling jewellery for girls.
Clay modeling for boys.
16-07-2016Written QuizWritten Quiz
23-07-2016Quiz FinalsQuiz Finals
15-08-2016Independence day celebrations Independence day celebrations
03-09-2016Science ExhibitionScience Exhibition
24-10-2016 to 28-10-2016House color Dance & Music CompetitionsHouse color Dance & Music Competitions
09-11-2016 to 14-11-2016Family week CelebrationsFamily week Celebrations
24-12-2016School DaySchool Day
26-01-2017Sports and Republic DaySports and Republic Day