School Administration

Prema M

  • Designation: Principal
  • Qualification: B.A , B.Ed
  • Subjects: English & Social
  • Experience: 20 Years

My passion to teach started 20 years back. I  love  Students.  Knowledge once gained can not be lost. I am happy to be a part of knowledge, gained by my students.

School Instructors

Sushma G

  • Qualification: M.Sc (Human Development)
  • Subjects: English & Science
  • Experience: 3 Years

As I  have been in this teaching field from past 3 years, I like to work with small children. I am a quick Learner and I am always ready to learn from everyone to upgrade my knowledge. I love my profession

Shaila T H

  • Qualification: B.Sc, B.Ed
  • Subjects: Maths, Kannada, science
  • Experience: 5 Years

About self: I like teaching profession as we can learn more in teaching field.  I  teach Maths  Kannada and science. I like to spend my time with children. I do my work promptly.

Kamala S

  • Qualification: B.Sc 
  • Subjects: Maths, Science, Social

As this field is new to me. I love to spend time with children. I like teaching children. As I am teaching Maths science and social. I enjoy teaching them and also I learn so many things from them.

Roopa S

  • Qualification: B.A , N.T.T
  • Subjects: LKG
  • Experience: 1o Years

I am working as a teacher from past 9 years. I like to teach good things to small children. Now I am working has a L K G teacher. I am very happy to work in this field.

Gunashree N

  • Qualification: N.T.T
  • Subjects: Pre - KG
  • Experience: 1 Year

I am working as a nursery teacher. I like to teach kids because I can learn many things and I can share my knowledge with children. I like to  spend time with kids. I love to do craft work. We can teach the kids many things  and we  can learn many things from them.

Non Teaching Staff

Radha C

  • Designation: Office Clerk
  • Qualification: PUC 

I am always ready to learn from others to improve my knowledge. I like to make a impact in office administration field.